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Approximate uses of Wenzhou Xinyu nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-10
The main uses of non-woven fabrics can be roughly divided into:

(1) Medical and sanitary cloths: surgical gowns, protective clothing, sterile wraps, masks, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.;

(2) Home decoration fabrics: wall coverings, tablecloths, bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.;

(3) Cloth for heels: lining, adhesive lining, flakes, styling cotton, various synthetic leather base fabrics, etc.;

(4) Industrial cloth: filter material, insulating material, cement packaging bag, geotextile, covering cloth, etc.;

(5) Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc.;

(6) Others: space cotton, thermal insulation materials, linoleum, cigarette filters, tea bags, etc.

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