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Application of non-woven fabrics in medical and air filtration materials

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-27

Application of non-woven fabrics in medical and air filtration materials

Melt-blown non-woven fabrics are key as composite materials, filter materials, thermal insulation materials, hygiene products, oil-absorbing materials and cleaning cloths (wiping Cloth), battery separators, etc., are widely used in fields such as medical and health care, automotive industry, filter materials, environmental protection and other fields.

Overseas, meltblown nonwovens are mainly used as two-step SMS materials and medical and health materials and covering materials. In addition, wiping and absorbing materials, filtering and barrier materials are also the main uses of meltblown fabrics .

1. Medical protective equipment-medical non-woven fabrics

Because the composite material of meltblown cloth and spunbond cloth has high hydrostatic pressure resistance, excellent air permeability and The filtration effect, especially the material compounded with the membrane, has excellent barrier performance, and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles can reach more than 99%.

For example, medical protective clothing made of composite materials with a quantitative specification of 60-100g/m2 can reasonably block microorganisms, particles and fluids. (90nm in size) has an effective protective effect.

2. Materials for air filtration

The melt-blown composite material treated with electrostatic electret is suitable for air filtration, with low initial resistance, large dust holding capacity and high filtration efficiency [Under the flow rate of 32L/min, the filtration efficiency of 0.3μm particle size can reach 99.9%, and the resistance is only 117.7Pa (12mm water column)] and other characteristics, it is widely used in electronic production and processing, food, beverage, chemical industry, airport, Air purification treatment in hotels and other places.

Filter devices of various air conditioning facilities, medical high-performance masks, and filter bags for dust collectors can also be produced and processed with this material.

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