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Application of new non-woven fabric technology in shoe material manufacturing

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-11

In order to further reduce costs, improve the application of non-woven technology in shoe materials, and meet the requirements of modern consumers for more styles and more fashionable shoes, it is necessary to continuously develop new non-woven production processes and The combination of other new production technologies is another development trend of non-woven fabrics in shoe material manufacturing in the future.

Among them, composite technology is a new type of non-woven technology developed in recent years, which combines two or more materials by mechanical or chemical methods. Superimposed on each other, the product has excellent performance and endows the product with functionality, wider applicability, and broadens its application field.

At present, the main composite technologies are:

(1) Jet spunlace composite technology, jet spunlace composite mainly uses fine high-pressure water flow to spray various materials, The puncture force of the vertical jet of the water jet and the rebound force of the fiber web support to the high pressure water flow make the fibers of various materials entangle each other at the interface to form a whole process technology.

(2) Hot-melt pressure-adhesive compounding technology, this technology mainly produces compounding by coating hot-melt pressure adhesive between two or more materials.

(3) Non-woven fabrics are composite of various web-forming technologies and consolidation technologies that cross each other and penetrate each other. Such as needle punching, chemical bonding, hot rolling, hot air bonding, melt blowing, stitchbonding, spinning, spunlacing and other fiber web processing technologies. The combination of replication processing technologies such as molding, ultrasonic or high-frequency welding, etc. Composite technology makes products more colorful, has become the latest trend in the development of non-woven technology, and has produced a series of technological achievements that can replace non-woven materials.

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