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Application of Geotextile Nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-21

The basic functions of geotextiles in geotechnical construction include four aspects: reinforcement, filtration, isolation, and drainage. These four functions, under different circumstances, can be used alone or at the same time.

(1) Reinforcement: Just like in the reinforced cement structure, the steel bar is used as a reinforcing element, and the geotextile is also a reinforcing element in the structure. At the same time, the geotextile can be used to disperse the load to a larger area, reduce the local pressure, and also play a strengthening role.

(2) Filtration: In the geotechnical structure, two different materials are isolated. For example, adding geotextile non-woven fabric between the gravel layer of the roadbed and the foundation soil layer can prevent the lower soil from rising into the gravel layer or the upper gravel sinking into the soil layer under the action of liquid force, allowing Water passes freely.

(3) Draining: This function is only available in needle-punched geotextiles. That is, in the geotextile structure, water or gas can be channeled along the layer of the needle-punched geotextile, and this can be achieved under very small capillary pressure.

Because of these functions, it is widely used in the actual use of geotechnical engineering.

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