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Analysis of the future development trend of nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-18

1. The future market space for nonwovens is huge

China's economy is developing rapidly, and residents' income is continuously increasing, and the demand for the nonwovens industry has not been fully released. For example, the market for sanitary napkins and baby diapers is very broad, and the annual demand is in the hundreds of thousands of tons. Medical care is gradually developed, and China's population is seriously aging, and the use of nonwovens in medical care has also shown a rapid growth trend. Markets such as hot-rolled fabrics, SMS non-woven fabrics and air-laid fabrics, filter materials, insulating fabrics, geotextiles and medical fabrics will become larger and larger in industry and engineering.

In addition, in the two fields of disposable hygienic absorbent materials and wipes, the trend of consumption upgrading is very obvious. With the development of the economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the functionality, comfort and convenience of sanitary care products, non-woven fabrics with specific properties are more and more widely used in related fields, and the sales of disposable products have increased. The speed also continues to be higher than the growth rate of the overall nonwovens.

In the future, in terms of disposable absorbent materials and wiping products, the technical upgrade of non-woven fabric materials (performance improvement, unit gram weight reduction, etc.) is still a major trend.

2. The industry will transform into a high-depth and wide-ranging direction

The non-woven process involves fluid mechanics, textile engineering, textile materials science, mechanical manufacturing, water treatment technology, etc. Theoretical and applied disciplines, the mutual penetration of various disciplines, and compound innovation have driven the rapid development of international non-woven technology.

China is still in the stage of introducing and catching up with international advanced technology in terms of non-woven fabric technology, which makes domestic non-woven fabric technology and equipment refer to international advanced technology and equipment, and take a higher The speed keeps increasing.

At present, the research and development of domestic nonwovens mainly focus on the following fields:

Development of new raw materials;

Development of new production equipment;

Multifunctional finishing technology;

Online composite technology, etc.

The improvement of non-woven fabric technology has led to the improvement of product performance, so that it can meet the needs of more and more fields in terms of quality and functionality, thereby further expanding the downstream market and promoting the overall Industrial upgrading.

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