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Analysis of the 5 major properties of needle punched cotton non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-17

Analysis of the five properties of needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics

1. Hygienic performance:

The raw material of needle punched cotton non-woven fabric is a chemical synthetic fiber, polyester fiber. Polyester fiber has no irritation or negative effect in contact with the skin, and is very friendly to the skin. The application fields include bedding, clothing, medical treatment, etc. Its air permeability and antibacterial properties are very good, which are the main indicators of hygienic performance.

2. Moisture absorption performance:

The raw material polyester fiber of needle punched cotton non-woven fabric is copolymerized with monomer or oligomer polyethylene glycol with hydrophilic group to improve the moisture absorption rate of the fiber. There is a lot of air between the fibers, so the needle punch Cotton non-woven fabrics have good hygroscopic properties.

3. Thermal insulation performance:

The needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric itself has a high density of porosity. After repeated puncturing of the fiber web by the needle, it is reinforced by high pressure, so that it has good elasticity and tension. Needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics can be used in bedding, clothing, etc., and have good thermal insulation properties.

4. Anti-wrinkle performance:

Needle-punched cotton non-woven fabrics have good elasticity and good resilience. During production, after fine carding and forming, the fluffy fiber web is reinforced and hugged to obtain strength, so that its tensile force, recovery force and wrinkle resistance are all good.

5. Heat resistance:

The needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric has good heat resistance and will not damage the fiber even at a high temperature of 150 degrees. Therefore, the needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric is used at room temperature, and washing and high-temperature printing and dyeing will not be affected, thereby improving the performance of long service life.

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