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Analysis of Development Trend of Meltblown Nonwoven Industry

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-22

Analysis of the development trend of melt-blown non-woven fabrics industry, used in air purifiers, as sub-efficient and high-efficiency air filter elements and coarse and medium-efficiency air filtration for larger flow rates.

It has the advantages of low resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, stable efficiency, long service life and low price. There is no lint phenomenon that the filter material falls off in the gas purified with it.

The dustproof port made of meltblown cloth has low breathing resistance, no stuffiness, and dustproof efficiency as high as 99%. It is widely used in hospitals, food processing, mines and other work that require dustproof and antibacterial place.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving film made of the product after special treatment has good air permeability, no toxic and side effects, and is easy to use.

Polypropylene meltblown cloth has excellent performance for filtering acidic and alkaline liquids, oils, oils, etc. It has been regarded as a good diaphragm material by the battery industry at home and abroad, and has been widely used , which not only reduces the cost of the battery, simplifies the process, but also greatly reduces the weight and volume of the battery.

Various oil-absorbing materials made of polypropylene melt-blown cloth can absorb 14-15 times its own weight and are widely used in environmental protection projects and oil-water separation projects. Clean material for oil and dust. These applications give full play to the characteristics of polypropylene itself and the adsorption of ultrafine fibers made by meltblown.

The average diameter of the melt-blown ultrafine fibers is between 0.5 and 5 m, the specific surface area is large, a large number of fine pores are formed in the cloth, and the porosity is high. A large amount of air is stored in this structure, which can effectively prevent heat loss and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It is widely used in the production of clothing and various thermal insulation materials.

Analysis of the development trend of the meltblown non-woven industry, such as leather jackets, ski shirts, winter clothing, cotton cloth, etc. advantage.

In the fight against the epidemic, meltblown non-woven fabrics have demonstrated excellent protection and isolation functions, and have been re-understood and favored by the market, which has led to a round of large-scale expansion.

The market is also constantly exploring the application scenarios of melt-blown non-woven fabrics. After this epidemic, the attention at home and abroad on 'filtration' and 'purification' will be unprecedentedly increased, and the development of melt-blown non-woven fabrics will be more for the vast.

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