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Aging mechanism of PP non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-25

In the processing of PP non-woven fabrics, due to the influence of the material's own structure and the influence of temperature, light, oxidation and other factors during processing, it is easy to age and degrade, and the phenomenon of chalking, discoloration and brittle cracking occurs, resulting in elongation at break The reduction of the rate and breaking strength not only shortens the service life of the product, but also causes a large waste of materials, and it is difficult to effectively explain the waste products in natural conditions, which is easy to cause environmental pollution. From the perspective of its aging mechanism, it is mainly caused by the aging of its matrix resin PP material, coupled with the structure of the PP material itself, residual impurities, and the use of inorganic fillers, additives, etc., so that the material is easily affected by temperature and oxygen during processing. Thermal oxygen aging, screw shearing, etc. At the same time, in the process of use, if it is exposed to ultraviolet light and oxygen for a long time, it is also prone to photo-oxidative aging.

(1) Among them, thermal oxidative aging and mechanical shearing are mainly due to the shearing and extrusion of PP materials by the barrel and screw during processing, which causes the carbon-carbon chemical bonds on the macromolecular chain to break. , coupled with the influence of temperature, the macromolecular carbon radicals after the molecular chain breakage react with oxygen to form hydroperoxides, which are further decomposed into RO? Oxygen-containing radicals and -OH hydroxyl radicals accelerate the auto-oxidation reaction, reduce the relative molecular weight of the material, and reduce the breaking strength and elongation at break.

(2) Photo-oxidative aging. Ultraviolet rays can cut the PP molecular chain, and photo-oxidation reaction occurs under the action of oxygen, which reduces the anti-photo-oxidative aging performance of PP. From the perspective of the production of PP non-woven fabrics, it is mainly made by spinning, its diameter is small, and it is easy to contact with oxygen and ultraviolet light in a large area, resulting in photo-oxidative aging, and the PP molecular chain is broken.

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