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Advantages and disadvantages of disposable non-woven masks

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-03

Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of disposable non-woven masks; disposable masks are divided into: disposable two-layer masks, disposable non-woven masks, disposable three-layer masks, and disposable activated carbon masks.

1. The disposable two-layer mask is made of two layers of 28g non-woven fabric; the nose bridge is made of environmentally friendly all-plastic strips, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with breathable air, which is comfortable and especially suitable for electronic products Factory, daily use;

2. The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper; the disposable three-layer mask is made of fiber non-woven professionally used in medical and health There are two layers in the cloth, and a layer is added in the middle to filter and spray more than 99.999% of the filter and spray cloth, which is made by ultrasonic welding. The filtering effect of BFE is as high as 99.9%, which is especially suitable for electronic factories;

3. The disposable activated carbon mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven fabric on the surface, and the first layer in the middle is filtered with antibacterial filter paper to prevent bacteria up to 99.999 % or more, it plays an antibacterial role and prevents virus damage; the second layer in the middle is made of new high-efficiency adsorption and filtering materials - activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, which has the functions of anti-virus, deodorization, bacteria filtration, and dust resistance;

4. The disposable masks are made of environmentally friendly all-plastic nose bridge strips and nose bridge clips, which can be adjusted most comfortably according to different face shapes. Using the inner cover ultrasonic spot welding, the ear straps can be very firm and not easy to fall off.


Ventilation is very good; it can filter toxic gases; it can keep warm; it can absorb water; it can be waterproof; ; Compared with other masks, the texture is lighter; it is very elastic, and can be restored after stretching; the price is relatively low, suitable for mass production.


Compared with other cloth masks, disposable masks cannot be cleaned; because the fibers are arranged in a certain direction, all of them are easier to tear; Compared with other textile masks, the strength and durability of disposable masks are worse than other masks.

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