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What is the protective effect of non-woven masks?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-28

Xinyu Non-woven tells you that non-woven masks have a certain blocking effect on dustproof and metallic dust, especially small and simple inhaled dust. General gauze masks can only resist some large particles. Dust, but tiny dust cannot be stopped, so what is the protective effect of non-woven masks after all?

General gauze masks are the criteria for mechanically actively filtering dust, that is, when dust collides or gauze masks , After the barrier layer, a large number of dust particles are generated in the gauze barrier.

However, some studies have investigated micro-dust, mainly dust smaller than 5 microns, which enters the respiratory system through gauze. Regarding this kind of dust protection, there are also some foreign dust mask operations, and the fibroblasts of the electrostatic filter. During the process of dust smaller than 5 microns passing through the respiratory tract, there is no such filter medium that is electrostatically attracted and adsorbed on the filter to capture such thin materials as dust, so as to truly avoid the generation of dust.

Like water, like air, which is resistant to fresh fragrance and small flow. When the shape of the adhesive surface of the non-woven mask is not, such as the dangerous substances in the air will escape to the adhesive and will not enter the human respiratory tract. So, no matter how good you choose the filter material of the mask. You cannot protect your health. According to many foreign regulatory standards, operators should regularly conduct non-woven mask adhesion tests. The purpose is to ensure that the workers of the non-woven mask manufacturers choose the appropriate size and follow the correct steps of the mask.

It is required to conduct data analysis during production. The respiratory management system should have small resistance, light weight, hygienic wearing and maintenance. Our teachers can choose and use it easily.

This is the introduction about the function of non-woven masks. If you want to know more, please pay attention to Xinyu Non-woven official website!

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