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The advantages of non-woven needle sticking method

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-29
Acupuncture cloth is produced by needle sticking method. It is completely based on a mechanical equipment function, that is, the needle puncture function of acupuncture machine, and the bulky fiber mesh structure is reinforced and cohesive to obtain super strength. The basic concept is: continuous puncturing of the web using barbed spines with a triangular cross-section (or other cross-section) edges. When the barbs pass over the web, the surface layer and part of the inner chemical fibers of the web are forced into the interior of the web. Because of the friction effect between the chemical fibers, the original bulky fiber web is reduced. When the needles exit the web, the inserted fiber bundles are freed from the barbs and remain in the web, so that many fiber bundles are entangled in the web so that the original bulk can no longer be repaired. After countless times of needle sticking, a lot of fiber bundles are stabbed into the fiber web, so that the chemical fibers in the fiber web are entangled with each other, and then a needle sticking method nonwoven raw material with a certain super strength and thickness is produced. The processing methods of needle-punching nonwovens include pre-punching, main-punching, textured needles, ring-type needles and tubular needles.
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