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Special cloth for phenolic insulation board, a new choice for building energy-saving insulation.

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-23
The special cloth for phenolic insulation board is an important material for making phenolic insulation board. Phenolic insulation board has excellent performance and is the best energy-saving insulation building material.

Advantages of phenolic insulation board:

1. The thermal insulation layer with excellent fire performance is made of phenolic foam, which is compounded with other materials for building thermal insulation, which can basically reach the national fire protection standard B1 level, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of fire from external thermal insulation. The operating temperature range is - 250℃~+150℃.

2. Outstanding energy-saving effect Phenolic thermal insulation board has good thermal insulation performance, its thermal conductivity is about 0.023W/(m·k), which is far lower than the commonly used inorganic and organic external wall thermal insulation products on the market. achieve higher energy-saving effect.

3. Light weight, non-absorbent phenolic insulation board is light in weight, and its bulk density is generally 30-80Kg/m³. At the same time, the phenolic insulation board does not absorb water and is not afraid of rain.

4. Safe and environmentally friendly phenolic insulation board is an environmentally friendly green product, which will not irritate the skin or cause any harm to the human body. It will release non-toxic smoke when burning (under limited conditions, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, etc. will be released beyond the burning limit).

5. Good dimensional stability Phenolic insulation board has very good dimensional stability, no shrinkage, deformation, etc. will occur in any environment.

6. Wide range of uses Phenolic insulation board can not only be used for building exterior wall insulation system, but also can be used in movable rooms, purification workshops, cold storage color steel sandwich panels, air conditioning ducts, pipe insulation, curtain wall insulation, roof insulation Heat, computer room cabinet insulation, equipment insulation, carbon crystal electric heating plate insulation and various fields that require thermal insulation.

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