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Precautions for purchasing non-woven fabrics for greenhouses

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-29

When purchasing greenhouse blankets, it is often impossible to obtain good use results because of the selection of unsuitable thermal insulation quilts. So, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing felt? What mistakes should be avoided? This is what I want to introduce to you today.

1. When purchasing greenhouse felts, be sure to choose the right type of felt. Due to the wide variety at present, you must know whether it is used in our vegetable growing greenhouses before purchasing. of.

2. Regarding the life of the felt, proper maintenance and proper maintenance are inevitable. It is wrong to think that buying high-quality products will not matter.

3. Don't think that the thicker the felt, the better. In fact, it is not the case. In order to win huge profits and seize our hearts, many illegal manufacturers deliberately add a lot of inferior cotton to their products to improve the quality of the felt. Sales and profits, as everyone knows, such products are very perishable and shorten lifespan.

The above three aspects are some points that we should pay attention to when purchasing greenhouse felt, and we must avoid misunderstandings.

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