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Precautions for daily operation of non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-30

I believe that you will see a lot of mechanical equipment in your life. That is because our technology is developing rapidly, so many of our equipment are being updated. However, it is because of the appearance of some mechanical equipment that many The production operations do not need to be done manually, just like the emergence of non-woven production machinery, which gradually replaced the traditional hand-made, and the quality of products produced by non-woven production machinery has far exceeded hand-made, so This point is valued by many manufacturers. However, there are still many precautions that need to be understood in the daily operation of non-woven production machinery. Let's take a look.

Non-woven production machinery components and maintenance, do not allow too much moisture and oil to enter the pressure system, in order to avoid failures, shorten the service life of the cylinder barrel, ensure that the air is dry and clean, if possible , freeze dryer, check that the oil amount of each inner cup of the converter is sufficient, the pressure relief valve is not used for a long time at the back end, it should be pushed, when it stops working, the power switch should be turned off, the compressed air control valve; the shaft cylinder And each part should avoid magnetic loss; assembly workbench side sliding seat parts and precision and highly complex parts should be wiped clean frequently, and oiled and maintained to prevent the influence of rust accuracy. Pay attention to the environment and machine maintenance, cyclophosphamide induces the cloth making workshop to keep the environment clean, especially the plate-making glass, which needs to be cleaned up before work. From an ordinary cleaning and maintenance development, voltage and power detection, it should be ensured that the voltage is used in its use In order to avoid the voltage is too high or too low, it should be set in a cold storage dark room or a low temperature, dry place, especially to avoid sinking, do not use contaminated or do not touch with hands. The uniform thickness of the rubber wiper, the daily production often does not pay attention to this work, and causes local damage to the cloth production board.

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