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Non-woven process

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-31

Production method (including raw material route)

The production process of this project follows the production method of green products.

Equipment process

Suction machine→screw→filter→metering pump→box→stretcher→web forming machine→hot rolling machine→rolling machine→slitting machine.

Product process flow

Raw material (ingredients)→heating→extrusion→filtering→box→stretching→hot rolling→coiling and slitting→weighing→inspection→ Packing → Warehousing.

1 Filler formulation workshop

Excipients → polypropylene → finished products.

2 production workshop

Accept the production plan → organize production → process control → supervisory inspection → confirm storage.

3 Assembly Workshop

Folding → Nail tag → Tie playing card → Semicolon → Bagging → Packing → Sealing → Packing.

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