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by:XINYU Non-woven     2024-01-04

Drylaid nonwoven drylaid nonwoven

A nonwoven made of drylaid webs consolidated by one or more techniques.

Drylaid web is a web made by drylaid method.

Drylaying A method of forming short fibers into a web by carding or airlaying.

airlaid nonwoven airlaid nonwoven

airlaid nonwoven fabric consolidated by one or more techniques.

Airlaid web is a web made by airlaid method.

Airlaying is a method of sending short fibers into an air stream, and by means of pressure or vacuum, the fibers in the air stream are scattered and condensed on a moving mesh curtain to form a web.

Carded nonwoven

A nonwoven formed from a carded web consolidated by one or more techniques.

Carded web is a web made by the carding method.

A method in which carding short fibers are processed by a carding machine to form a web.

spunbonded nonwoven

spunlaid web (spunlaid web) is a web produced by a spunlaid method.

Spinlaying is a web method formed by extruding a polymer melt into filaments through a spinning head and laying it on a moving mesh curtain.

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