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What is the difference between non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-01

There are three popular types of wallpaper in the wallpaper industry today, namely pvc non-woven fabric and pure paper wallpaper. PVC wallpaper has always dominated the market with high cost performance, while non-woven and pure paper wallpaper Environmental protection is the feature for consumers to choose, both are environmentally friendly wallpapers, so what is the difference between these two wallpapers? The following non-woven fabric manufacturers will distinguish the characteristics of the two environmentally friendly wallpapers one by one: Let's list and talk about the difference between this non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven wallpaper: oriented or randomly arranged fibers are made of sheets, webs or batts that are combined with each other by friction, cohesion or adhesion or a combination of these methods. Excludes paper and woven, knitted, tufted, stitchbonded with stitched yarns, and wetlaid felt products (whether such products are needle punched or not). Fibers can be natural or chemically processed, and can be short fibers, filaments, or fibers formed in situ.

1. The difference between wet-laid non-woven fabrics and wet-laid papermaking is that non-woven fabrics should meet one of the following conditions:

a. The fiber with a ratio of length to diameter greater than 300 (excluding chemically cooked vegetable fibers) accounts for more than 50% of its mass;

b. The fiber with a ratio of length to diameter greater than 300 (excluding chemically cooked vegetable fibers) accounts for more than 30% of its mass, and its density is less than 0.4/cubic centimeter.

2. It is not considered that viscose fiber is a chemically cooked vegetable fiber. The non-woven wallpaper has the best air permeability among the three categories of wallpaper, and the environmental protection is also quite good, and the material itself has no pollution. This type of wallpaper dries the fastest when applied, so it won't get the wall wet. Another advantage is that the construction is convenient, which may not be obvious as an owner.

The so-called pure paper wallpaper, it is a kind of wallpaper made of paper pulp, which is mainly processed from grass, bark and new natural reinforced wood pulp (containing 10% wood fiber). It is an environmentally friendly and low-carbon ideal material for home improvement, and is increasingly becoming a new trend in green home decoration.

Advantages: good environmental performance, not easy to warp edges, bubbles, no peculiar smell, strong air permeability, not easy to mold. And the patterns are mostly made of printing technology, so the pictures are realistic and the tones are clear.

Introduced by Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD., the construction of pure paper wallpaper is very technically difficult. Once the operation is improper, it is easy to produce obvious seams, and it is also affected by the characteristics of the paper itself, and it is not easy to make layers. Patterns with strong sense or three-dimensional sense (because the paper is flat, it can only be printed, and cannot be made of bumps), and the water resistance and scrub resistance are poor, but non-woven wallpaper does not have these problems.

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