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What are the quality requirements for non-woven fabrics for packaging?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-08

What are the quality requirements for non-woven fabrics for packaging? In order to ensure the supply capacity of non-woven fabrics manufacturers in the peak production season, they will always pay too much attention to the production volume and ignore the quality. Once there is a problem with the product quality, not only It will increase rework and generate additional costs, and it will also affect the reputation of the company, which will directly affect the market reputation and market share of non-woven companies!

The packaging materials of non-woven manufacturers should be textile fibers and (or ) nonwoven fibers make up the linked web, excluding mineral fibers. Its microbial barrier properties, water resistance, compatibility with human tissue, breathability, salt water resistance, surface absorbency, toxicology tests, large equivalent pore size, suspension, tensile strength, wet stretch and burst resistance etc. should comply with the relevant national regulations, and be dedicated to medical purposes, and should be used for one-time use.

The non-woven fabric for packaging should meet the following quality requirements:

1. The thickness of the non-woven fabric is uniform

The good non-woven fabric should be in the light environment The difference between the thickness of the fabric will not be very large; the poor fabric will appear very uneven, and the texture contrast of the fabric will be larger. This will greatly reduce the load-bearing weight of the fabric. At the same time, the fabric with poor hand feel will feel very hard and not soft.

2. Strong tensile resistance

The fabric produced in this way has poor tensile resistance and is difficult to restore. It feels that the fabric will be thicker and stiffer, but not soft. In this case, the bearing capacity is poor, and it will be much more difficult to decompose, which is not environmentally friendly.

3. Thread spacing

The optimal stress requirement of the fabric texture is 5 stitches per inch, so that the bags sewn in this way are beautiful and have strong bearing capacity. The thread spacing of non-woven fabrics is less than 5 needles per inch, and the bearing capacity is poor.

4. Grams

The grams here refers to the weight of the non-woven fabric in 1 square meter. solid.

In recent years, customers have higher and higher quality requirements for the products of non-woven manufacturers, so if non-woven manufacturers want to develop stably for a long time, they need to strengthen product quality management. For non-woven manufacturers, Quality management is the top priority, remember not to ruin the future of the company for the sake of temporary profit!

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