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What are the common medical non-woven fabrics in medical devices? what's the effect?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-02

In medical devices, the most common product is a product called medical non-woven fabric. During the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, this term ran through the entire early stage of epidemic prevention. The reason is still because of medical Non-woven fabrics are an important raw material for the production and making of masks, so how are medical non-woven fabrics made? How is it different from ordinary fabrics? What are the effects? Let's take a look together.

Traditional fabrics are made through spinning, weaving and other processes, while medical non-woven fabrics are not needed. Medical non-woven fabrics are mostly bonded to the material by physical methods. At the same time, therefore, it is impossible for you to extract a thread from the medical non-woven fabric.

Different from the general fabrics we usually see, the advantages of medical non-woven fabrics are also very many, moisture-proof, breathable, antibacterial, easy to decompose, flame retardant, non-toxic, flexible, low price, etc. It is the advantage of non-woven fabrics, and these characteristics of non-woven fabrics are very suitable for the medical industry, and are important raw materials for the production of masks, surgical gowns, surgical caps, ward bedcloths, diapers, etc. Once placed outdoors, non-woven fabrics will lose their effectiveness within 90 days. If indoors, they will naturally decompose in 8 years. Therefore, non-woven fabrics are also classified as new materials.

In addition to medical use, non-woven fabrics have also played a great role in many environments. , the effect of non-woven fabrics can be seen everywhere, therefore, non-woven fabrics have become one of the more and more inaccessible materials in people's lives.

During the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, a lot of demand for masks also made China's early production capacity insufficient, and non-woven manufacturers are also working overtime to produce, which is what we Why do you often hear about the increasing frequency of non-woven fabrics on TV?

Although the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has passed, we still can't be careless. We must also have a relevant understanding of common knowledge about medical devices, so as to prevent problems before they occur. From time to time, we should know how to use medical devices to protect our own life safety.

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