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The role of medical non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-06

Non-woven fabrics are ubiquitous in the field of health care in various forms. From simple bed cloths to gauze tapes, from smart non-woven monitoring devices to high-tech transplant organs, non-woven fabrics are playing an increasingly important role in improving patient health and ensuring the health and well-being of patients and doctors , Let's talk about the role of medical non-woven fabrics with Xinyu Non-woven today.

Topical medical textiles

Traditional medical non-woven fabrics, such as medical wipes, are only the tip of the iceberg of external medical non-woven fabrics. At the same time as the development of traditional medical non-woven fabrics, the emphasis on infection problems in hospitals has led researchers to try to find ways to protect patients and medical workers by improving daily non-woven fabrics in healthcare environments, such as bedclothes, etc. way. In addition, the advancement of trauma care has also led to the development of simple gauze tapes, and smart non-woven fabrics play a certain role in monitoring patients' vital signs.


VivoMetrics has launched a medical device called the 'Life T-ShirtThe device, which can be worn like a T-shirt, can measure a patient's heartbeat, breathing, signs, activity, blood pressure, hemoglobin oxygen saturation, and can be set to collect other records. This data is collected on a data card that can be uploaded to a computer or sent to people over the Internet to monitor or analyze the data.

Isolation Maintenance

Physicians are treating patients such as HIV, Dimethoxyphenacillin antibody O'Connell, Cuya's disease (mad cow disease), hepatitis and severe acute respiratory syndrome , there is also a risk of infection. In traditional medical non-woven fabrics, such as doctor and nursing work clothes and medical bedcloths, insulating non-woven fabrics are used to protect medical workers. The challenge for manufacturers of such products is how to maintain the wearer while maintaining comfort.

“In order to achieve good isolation, the market is focusing on how to improve the hydrostatic head. At the same time, because the surgeon wears it for several hours per operation, this type of clothing also requires Wearing comfort is a must,” cautions PGI’s Nyle Bishop.

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