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The role of anti-hydrostatic pressure in SMS non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-01

Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure exerted by a static liquid on each unit of pressurized area. The anti-hydrostatic pressure of the fabric is the hydrostatic pressure that the fabric can withstand to represent the resistance encountered by water passing through the fabric. It is an important indicator of the barrier performance of the fabric against water. The promulgated 'Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing' (GB19082-2003) made mandatory provisions for the liquid barrier function of protective clothing, requiring that when the hydrostatic pressure is 167kPa, the protective clothing must not penetrate; the moisture permeability should not be less than 2500g /㎡.

Surgical gowns and drapes are required to be equally safe for patients and physicians, because when fluid penetrates the material, microorganisms are also brought in, so gowns must be able to prevent fluid penetration and accompanying bacteria . Studying the influencing factors of hydrostatic pressure resistance of spunmelt non-woven fabrics will help to find ideas for improving the barrier properties of SMS non-woven fabrics, improve production efficiency, and stabilize and gradually improve the quality of non-woven fabrics for medical protection. The influence of various process parameters of meltblown in the SMS process on the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the product mainly includes: raw materials, meltblown ratio, screw die temperature, hot air temperature and air volume, receiving distance, machine status, etc.

There are many indexes involved in the barrier properties of surgical gowns to water, such as anti-hydrostatic pressure, spray test, water level, etc., among which the most commonly used is anti-hydrostatic pressure. Anti-hydrostatic pressure refers to the ability of the test material to resist the slowly rising water pressure. In the test methods of various systems, the index is judged according to the test area, the water pressure rising speed and the end position determined by the appearance of several water droplets. Among them, the numerical value The larger the value, the better the barrier property of the material to water. There is a dense meltblown layer in the middle of SMS non-woven fabric, and the linear density of its fibers is very small, basically all ultra-fine fibers, which can reach 0.01dtex~0.05dtex, which is about 1% of the linear density of ordinary spunbond fibers. The fibers of the meltblown web are very fine and the web is very uniform. When the liquid comes into contact with it, because the surface tension of the liquid is not easy to penetrate, the gap formed by the connection between the microfibers is quite small, so the dust and bacteria are blocked, making the surgical gown approach the effect of 'absolutely clean'.

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