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The main function of non-woven mulch

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-08

Non-woven mulch material is a degradable material, and it can be recycled and reused. It does not release harmful gases and does not have any leftover substances when burning. It is internationally recognized as an environmentally friendly product that protects the earth's environment. In developed countries, non-woven materials have long replaced plastic films in agricultural production.

PP non-woven mulch film has a variety of physiological and ecological effects such as breathable and hydrophilic, temperature increase, moisture preservation, no-tillage, fertilizer increase, prevention and reduction of pest and disease damage, etc., which can improve the survival rate of young fruit trees and accelerate It has significant effects on growth, beneficial to flowering and fruit quality, and improves fruit quality; it also has economic effects such as saving water, electricity, labor, fertilizer, and pest control costs.

The function of weeding non-woven mulch film:

1. Inhibit the growth of weeds: cover the black weed control film, because the weeds cannot see the light after germination, the photosynthesis is inhibited, it is inevitable Withered, works great!

2. Increase the ground temperature: After the ground is covered with plastic film, the plastic film can block the heat from the soil from radiating to the outside, and can increase the ground temperature by 3 to 4 °C.

3. Keep the soil moist: After the ground is covered with plastic film, it can inhibit the evaporation of water, maintain a certain soil moisture, and reduce the number of watering.

4. Keep the soil loose: after the surface is covered with film, watering can be carried out by ditching between the rows, and the water will penetrate laterally into the roots under the canopy, and the soil layer under the film will always remain loose and without compaction.

5. Improve soil nutrition: Mulching with plastic film in early spring can increase ground temperature, stabilize soil moisture, and create favorable conditions for the activities of soil microorganisms, thereby accelerating the decomposition of soil organic matter and increasing soil nutrient content.

6. Prevent and reduce the damage of pests and diseases: After mulching with plastic film in early spring, it can prevent many pests that overwinter in the soil under the tree from unearthed, and prevent and reduce the reproduction and infection of the bacteria that harm fruit trees in the soil, thereby preventing and reduce the occurrence and development of pests and diseases. For example, peach worm and paramecia all have the habit of overwintering underground, and mulching with plastic film in early spring can prevent such pests from being unearthed. In addition, mulching improves the environmental conditions for root growth, makes the tree robust, and can greatly improve the disease resistance of the tree.

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