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Spunlace Consolidation Process of Spunbond Nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-16

Spunbonded non-woven fabrics are commonly used for web consolidation in addition to hot rolling, needle punching, and spunlace.

Principle of Spunlace Consolidation Process

Spunlace (spunlace) technology to consolidate spunbond fiber web is a new technology developed in recent years, and its technological principle is the pressure generated by the water pump The high-pressure water flow of up to 40Mpa is sprayed through the water jetting hole of the water jet plate with a diameter of ≤ 0.15mm, forming a water jet curtain distributed along the entire width of the fiber web. When penetrating the fiber web and reflecting after passing through the fiber web, the fibers are entangled with each other to form a non-woven fabric with a fixed shape and a certain strength. After passing through the fiber web, the high-pressure water flow enters the filtration system for processing and recycling. After drying the moisture of the consolidated fiber web, it becomes a spunlace product.

Characteristics of spunbond spunbond nonwovens

Compared with hot-rolled spunbond nonwovens, spunbond spunbond nonwovens have The fiber net is not damaged; the hand feels fluffy, the air permeability is good, and the strength is large. This is because after the continuous filament fiber web is consolidated by hydroentanglement, the consolidation point is formed by the bending and entanglement of the fibers, the fibers remain continuous, and the fiber web is not damaged. It is formed by the partial plasticization of fibers and fiber webs, and the fiber webs have become airtight flakes. Since the fibers of the spunlace cloth are not damaged, the breaking strength of the spunlace cloth is larger than that of the hot-rolled spunbond cloth, and the tear strength is higher than that of the hot-rolled spunbond cloth. Because the spunlace fiber web is not pressed by similar hot-rolled rolls, the thickness of the spunlace fabric of the same specification is 30-50% higher than that of the hot-rolled spunbond fabric, so the spunlace fabric feels fluffy and has better air permeability.

Production process of spunbond fiber web by spunlace consolidation

When spunbond fiber web is consolidated by spunlace method, the process and equipment before forming the web are different from the general use heat. The rolling method is the same as the production line of the consolidated spunbond fiber web, only the spunlace system and the drying system are used instead of the hot rolling mill. Generally, the production process of single-component spunbond fiber web during hydroentanglement consolidation is as follows:

Material supply→screw extruder→melt filtration→spinning pump→spinning box→melt spinning Web forming→pre-wetting→front spunlace→back spunlace→vacuum dehydration→pre-drying→finishing→heat drying, setting→on-line inspection→slitting, winding→packaging→product

Spunlace system The basic composition of

The spunlace system is a relatively complex system, mainly including high-pressure water pump, spunlace machine, water treatment system and drying system.

The high-pressure water pump is generally a three-piston high-pressure pump, which is used to generate high-pressure water sources.

The spunlace machine is the core equipment of the spunlace process. It is used to consolidate the fiber web into a cloth. According to its working method, there are mainly two types of drum type (roller type) and flat mesh type.

Since the spunlace production line needs a lot of process water during the operation, the water treatment system is to recover, purify and recycle the process water.

The drying system includes two parts: mechanical dehydration and heating drying. Mechanical dewatering generally uses negative pressure suction to remove most of the unbound water from products with high water content that have just come out of the spunlace system. Heating and drying commonly used hot air penetration dryer to remove the moisture in the fiber web. Because drying moisture consumes a lot of heat, the energy consumption of spunlace cloth is also higher, and the production cost is higher than that of hot-rolled spunbond cloth, but the product has a high energy consumption. The quality is better than hot-rolled spunbond.

When the fiber web adopts the spunlace consolidation process, the plane layout, elevation layout, energy supply, plant area, investment scale, production cost and operation management of the spunbond production line are all different from those of ordinary heat exchangers. Pad spunbond lines are very different.

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