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PP non-woven weather resistant masterbatch

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-16

PP non-woven fabrics are used in agricultural harvest cloth, frost protection cover, etc., urban green space in green field, slope protection greening on both sides of highway and railway, etc., as well as sun hats, sun umbrellas, outdoor billboards, tents, It is widely used in outdoor products such as outdoor backpacks, outdoor sportswear, and automobile outdoor dust covers.

However, due to the structural characteristics of PP itself, it is easily affected by heat, oxygen, light, environmental climate and other factors during processing and use, resulting in aging and degradation, resulting in greatly shortened product life, resulting in Huge waste of resources. Especially for PP non-woven products used in outdoor applications, due to the thin material itself, the aging speed is faster under the influence of various aging factors. Therefore, it is of great economic and social significance to improve the weather resistance and durability of outdoor PP non-woven fabrics.

In this regard, we select appropriate anti-aging additives according to the production process of PP non-woven fabrics and outdoor use requirements, and develop a Processing stability, outstanding long-term thermo-oxidative stability, high-efficiency light stability and weather resistance of PP non-woven special weather-resistant masterbatch LS-133W, making PP non-woven fabrics can effectively resist in the process of production and outdoor use due to Aging and degradation caused by factors such as heat, oxygen, light, environment and climate significantly extend the service life of outdoor products.

Product introduction

This product is a special functional weather-resistant mother for PP non-woven fabrics prepared by special production and processing technology using a variety of high-efficiency anti-aging additives and carrier resins. It can give PP non-woven fabrics, especially outdoor products, excellent processing stability, outstanding long-term thermo-oxidative stability, efficient light stability and weather resistance, which can significantly extend their service life. It mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) It can absorb and shield a wide range of ultraviolet wavelengths, and can effectively resist the heat, oxygen, light, environment and climate and other factors caused by the outdoor use of PP non-woven fabrics. aging degradation problem.

(2) The anti-aging ingredient has excellent dispersibility in PP non-woven fabric, high stability and long-lasting action time, which ensures the full play of its anti-aging effect;

(3) Melt fluidity and excellent compatibility with PP matrix resin for non-woven fabrics, easy to achieve blending and uniform dispersion with its matrix resin;

(4) Excellent processing Stability, to ensure the continuous production of PP spinning, to avoid the phenomenon of wire breakage during the production process and affect the normal production, and to improve production efficiency.

Note: The anti-aging masterbatch for PP non-woven fabric also includes long-acting weather-resistant masterbatch LS-133WL, long-acting heat-resistant oxygen aging masterbatch LS-133WH, etc., and can also be customized according to customer requirements custom made.

Basic physical properties and uses of the product

The carrier resin used in the masterbatch has excellent compatibility with the PP matrix resin for non-woven fabrics, and is compatible with the PP matrix resin for non-woven fabrics. With matching melt fluidity, it is easy to achieve blending with matrix resin and uniform dispersion of anti-aging additives; meanwhile, the thermal decomposition temperature of this product reaches above 320 ℃, which fully meets the high temperature and heat resistance requirements of PP spinning. After being used by PP non-woven fabric manufacturers, the feedback results show that this product has excellent processing stability, effectively avoids the phenomenon of wire breakage in the production process, ensures the continuous production of PP spinning, and improves production efficiency.

This product can be widely used in automobile outdoor dust cover, agricultural harvest cloth and frost protection cover in agricultural field; urban green space in green field, slope protection greening on both sides of highway and railway, and rock spraying on mountain bodies Grass planting projects and other related PP non-woven products can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

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