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Non-woven fabric manufacturers tell you the difference between laminating and laminating non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-28

The non-woven fabrics in the production and production of non-woven fabric manufacturers have processes such as lamination and lamination. The products produced are more suitable for the needs of customers, and the customer's advertisements have better and more intuitive visual effects. So, what is the difference between these processes?

Non-woven fabrics have no other attachment processing technology during production. In order to meet the needs of products, materials may be diversified and some special functions may be required. Non-woven fabric raw materials will be processed, and different processes will be produced according to different processing modes. , such as non-woven lamination and lamination are the more common processes of non-woven fabrics.

First: The coating of non-woven fabric is to heat plastic into liquid with a professional machine, and then pour the plastic liquid on one or both sides of the non-woven fabric through the machine. There is a drying system on one side of the machine, which can This layer of poured plastic liquid is dried and cooled, so that the coated non-woven fabric is produced.

Second: The non-woven fabric is covered with a non-woven fabric laminating machine. Through this advanced large-scale machine, the purchased rolls of plastic film are directly compounded with the non-woven material to form a Laminated non-woven fabric. It can be seen that the difference between the coating and the coating of the non-woven fabric is that the production process and raw materials are different, and the appearance and basic principle of the finished product are the same.

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