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Non-woven environmental protection bags are used in large quantities and have a bright future

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-16

Nowadays, non-woven bags are more and more widely used. They have more advantages than paper bags in terms of price and environmental performance. Most domestic manufacturers have given up the packaging of paper bags. Why do so many manufacturers now They have switched to non-woven bags for packaging. We will analyze them from several aspects:

1. The environmental protection bags were introduced into China from abroad. After continuous production and improvement, the technology has been relatively mature. From the previous single color to the current color diversification, it can fully meet the requirements of printing. The non-woven film-coated environmental protection bags made by the current technology are vivid and colorful, and can clearly show the various products of the product. characteristic.

2. In recent years, the production chain of environmental protection bags has been very perfect after rapid development, and the production cost and material loss of each process are better and better controlled, so the price of environmental protection bags is also largely enhance the competitiveness of products.

3. Non-woven bags can be recycled many times, and the wear resistance and waterproof performance are stronger than paper bags. Paper bags cannot be recycled many times, but the price will be higher than non-woven bags. After being used for many times, the woven bag can also play a good advertising benefit, and the price is low.

4. The non-woven bag is easy to decompose after being recycled. The existence of the plastic restriction order can fully reflect the huge living space of the non-woven bag. Its easy decomposition can reduce environmental pollution and also It can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, and the production of paper bags will waste a lot of forest resources, which is contrary to afforestation.

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