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Non-woven breathability test

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-04

Non-woven fabrics are named after they are not woven into fabrics. They are a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. They are breathable, flexible, non-toxic, tasteless, and inexpensive. They are used in many fields, such as agricultural films, shoe-making, Leather, mattresses, chemicals, automobiles, building materials, etc. In addition, in the medical and health industry, it can be used to produce surgical gowns, protective clothing, plasters, disinfection packaging, masks, sanitary napkins and other products. Among the many applications of non-woven fabrics, good air permeability is one of the important reasons for their widespread use. Taking related products in the medical industry as an example, if the air permeability of non-woven fabrics is poor, the plaster patches made of them will The user may experience allergic symptoms due to the inability to meet the normal breathing of the skin; the poor air permeability of medical tapes such as Band-Aids will cause microorganisms near the wound to multiply, resulting in wound infection; and the poor air permeability of protective clothing will greatly affect its performance. wearing comfort. Similar to medical products, the poor air permeability of other non-woven products will also bring many disadvantages to their use. Therefore, strengthening the detection of non-woven air permeability is one of the important measures to ensure that the related products produced by them meet the requirements for use.

1. Test samples

A certain brand of medical non-woven fabrics.

2. Test basis

The air permeability (air permeability) involved in this test is to characterize the ability of air to pass through the sample. The test process can be based on the method standard GB/T5453-1997 ' Determination of Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics

3. Test equipment

This paper uses the TQD-G1 air permeability tester independently developed and produced by Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. to test the air permeability of the samples.

3.1 Test principle

The test methods of air permeability mainly include two kinds, namely, constant pressure difference measurement flow and constant flow measurement pressure difference. The constant pressure differential flow measurement method refers to maintaining a constant pressure differential on both sides of the sample, and calculating the air permeability of the sample by measuring the air flow through a given area of u200bu200bthe sample within a certain period of time; The rule is to keep the air flow vertically through the sample constant, and to obtain the air permeability of the sample by measuring the pressure difference on both sides of the sample under this condition. The detection process in this paper adopts the constant pressure differential flow measurement method.

3.2 Equipment parameters

The measurement range of differential pressure is 0~1KPa, and the measurement range of flow rate is 0~1800L/h.

Constant differential pressure and constant flow are two measurement methods for users to choose freely to meet different test requirements.

High-precision electronic airflow and air pressure sensors ensure the accuracy of test data.

The system adopts microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, menu interface and PVC control panel, which is convenient for users to quickly conduct test operations and view data.

3.3 Scope of application

(1) Applicable to the air permeability test of textile materials, such as fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc.

(2) It is suitable for testing the air permeability and air resistance of automotive interior materials, such as polyurethane, PVC, leather, textiles, non-woven fabrics, etc.

(3) It is suitable for the air permeability test of high polymer porous elastic materials, such as sponges.

(4) It is suitable for air permeability test of leather materials.

(5) can also be extended to the air permeability test of paper materials, such as daily use paper, rolled paper, etc.

(6) Can meet many national and international standards, such as GB/T5453, ISO9237, ISO4638, ISO5636, GB/T10655, GB/T4689.22, GB/T13764, ASTMD737, TAPPIT460, JISP8117, etc. .

4. Test process

(1) Randomly cut 10 samples with a diameter of 50 mm (the diameter of the sample can be selected according to specific conditions) from the surface of the medical non-woven fabric sample.

(2) Take one of the samples and clamp them in the air permeability tester, so that the sample is flat without deformation, and the two sides of the sample are well sealed.

(3) Set the pressure difference value on both sides of the sample according to the air permeability of the sample or the requirements of relevant standards. The pressure difference value set in this test is 100Pa. Adjust the pressure control valve to adjust the pressure difference on both sides of the sample. When the pressure difference value reaches the set value, the test stops. The device automatically displays the gas flow through the sample at this time.

(4) Repeat loading and adjusting the operation of the pressure control valve until the test of 10 samples is completed.

5. Test results

The air permeability test result of the medical non-woven fabric sample tested this time is 16.13L/h (this result is the average value of the test results of 10 samples ). The diameter of the cut sample and the set pressure difference will affect the test results. Therefore, if you want to compare the air permeability of different non-woven samples, the diameter of the sample and the pressure difference on both sides should be consistent.

6. Conclusions

Breathability is one of the excellent properties of non-woven materials, and it is an important factor affecting the safety, hygiene and comfort of non-woven products. In this paper, TQD-G1 air permeability tester is used to test the air permeability of a certain brand of medical non-woven fabrics. The test process is simple, the equipment is easy to operate, the repeatability and accuracy of the test results are good, and the test accuracy is high, which can truly reflect Breathability of the tested samples.

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