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Non-woven bag production process

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-01

As a new type of fabric, non-woven fabrics have quietly emerged in recent years, and gift bags made of non-woven fabrics not only do not pollute the environment, but also can be recycled to avoid waste. Therefore, non-woven gift bags are widely used in Gradually replace paper gift bags and plastic gift bags. Next, Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven XinYu Non-woven will introduce to you the process of factory production of non-woven gift bags.

Non-woven bag--fabric selection

Why choose the fabric with glossy surface? This is because the surface of the fabric is glossy, so to prepare for the later printing, one is good printing, and the other is the printing effect will be very good. In this way, the overall effect will be very prominent, and such shopping bags will definitely be deeply loved by consumers.

So, why do you need a harder fabric? This is because a harder fabric can stand up and hold up, highlighting the overall feeling of the shopping bag, and it is very practical. Objects of a certain weight will not break or break. Safe and functional, this is the standard for shopping bags.

Similarly, the small difference in the vertical and horizontal tension of the fabric is also required to ensure that the shopping bag has an excellent performance in terms of load-bearing.

Non-woven eco-friendly bag--fabric cutting and slitting

In the second step, the fabric is produced and put in the warehouse. The next thing is how to make these large rolls of non-woven fabrics into bags? Yes, as you think, we will make it Planted and cut into pieces, strips of small fabrics.

You can use spatial imagination to imagine. A shopping bag is equivalent to a solid cuboid or cube. Well, it has six sides, of which the top is empty, so the shopping bag actually has only five sides, another large side at the front and back, two sides on the left and right, and one side at the bottom. What we are talking about here is the sewing method to make shopping bags, which is different from ultrasonic bag making.

According to the size, we use automatic slicer and slitting machine to cut the fabric into small pieces of fabric of the size we need. Among them, the large piece of cutting is the three-sided commissure used for printing, the front and rear plus the bottom. Then there is the side, the handle, and the edge. This is the so-called cutting strip, which refers to this kind of handle and edge, because they are very narrow, so they must be cut into very small strips to match the processing of the finished product.

Non-woven bag--printing

The third step is printing. We generally use screen printing, because it is purely hand-printed piece by piece, so its speed and progress will be slower than machine printing, and of course the cost will be higher than machine printing, but Its advantages are also obvious, it can be printed in a small amount, and the error rate is relatively low.

When printing, we should pay attention to the printed text and pattern to have a good fullness, and the grasp of the size should be able to highlight the effect of the entire shopping bag.

Non-woven bag--sewing

The fourth step of sewing, according to certain specifications and styles, just like sewing clothes, sewing together large pieces of fabric, small pieces, handles, edging and other fabrics together, it becomes the finished product we have seen. Shopping Bag.

Among them, there are many sewing methods, for example, whether it is necessary to cross the handle and the large interface, the cross is to increase the firmness. On the side is a few lines to go, the length of the strap, and so on.

Non-woven bag--packaging

The fifth and final step is packing and packing. We use cartons according to certain specifications, 100 pieces per box, or 200 pieces per box, and the box is printed with fonts. In this way, a box of shopping bags is finished. Through logistics and transportation, it is sold to various terminals to the vast number of consumers.

In today's market, there are many styles of non-woven gift bags, and consumers are dazzled when choosing and buying. No matter which style of non-woven gift bag is used, the production process is similar, and it is similar to the method described above. In the process of making non-woven gift bags, different shapes and specifications of fabrics are cut to produce gift bags with different styles. However, it should be noted that the finished gift bag must be the right size and bear the right amount of weight, so as to have a sales volume.

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