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Industrialization of bio-based degradable non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-07

With the improvement of living standards, the aging of the population and the concern for the hospital interior (HAN), disposable medical non-woven fabrics usher in great development opportunities in China.

At present, domestic products are mainly polypropylene (PP) non-woven fabrics, which have a single product structure and lack competitiveness. The development of a new generation of bio-based degradable non-woven fabrics not only fully meets the safety and ease-of-use requirements of disposable protective equipment, but also endows products with new green environmental protection features, so it is in line with the latest trends in this field.

The diversification of bio-based degradable polylactic acid (PLA) resin sources and the expansion of polymerization scale make its cost close to the level of general-purpose petroleum-based resins (PP, PET, etc.), and will not increase in price in the future Affected by oil prices; PLA spinning process is similar to PP and PET, and existing P and PET spinning lines can be used to produce PLA fibers and non-woven fabrics, which greatly saves equipment investment and processing costs; PLA non-woven fabrics can be used in composting conditions after being discarded It can be completely biodegraded within the next few months, not only does not burden the environment, but also participates in the natural cycle.

Technical advantages The melt spinnability of PLA copolyester was verified on a two-component composite melt spinning machine, and PLA copolyester fibers with mechanical properties between low-melting PET and PLA fibers were successfully prepared. Its biodegradability meets the requirements of ASTMD53382 grade standard. At present, a pilot production capacity of 100 tons/year of PLA copolyester and its fibers has been formed. Compared with pure PLA fibers, the hygroscopicity and heat resistance of PLA copolyester fibers have been significantly improved, and the cost has dropped by about 2,000 yuan/ton.

Market Analysis:

The world medical non-woven fabric market is growing steadily, according to GlobalIndustryAnalysts statistics:

In 2010, the global disposable medical non-woven fabric market reached 12 billion USD, of which nearly half (USD 5 billion) are non-woven fabrics for surgical operations (such as surgical gowns, surgical drapes, hole towels, sterilization and sterilization bags, etc.).

China's medical non-woven market has huge potential. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, in 2010, there were 937,000 medical and health institutions nationwide, 4.788 million hospital beds, and 8.208 million health personnel. According to the bed utilization rate of 86.7%, the average annual use of each hospital bed was 150 m, and the average annual use of each health personnel was 86.7%. Counting 10m of cloth, the annual consumption of cloth is about 2.7 billion m, and the average life of traditional medical cotton cloth is 10 times. If 30% is replaced by disposable medical non-woven fabric, the annual disposable medical cotton cloth will be 2.1 billion. m, about 100,000 tons.

Only in the field of medical protective equipment and disposable hygiene products, the current domestic annual potential demand is about 270,000 tons. Calculated at 25,000 yuan per ton, the market value exceeds 6.5 billion yuan.

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