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How to Measure the Filtration Performance of Meltblown Nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-10

Melt-blown non-woven fabric, commonly known as filter cloth, is a high-efficiency melt-blown product. The ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric is made of imported melt-blown die head and special raw materials and processes. This product not only has the fluffy and soft feel of ordinary meltblown products, as well as the functions of oil absorption and filtration, but also increases the bacterial filtration efficiency and reduces the breathing resistance. It is more suitable for filtration in medical and high-dust work fields. need.

How to measure the filtration efficiency of meltblown filter cloth?

The quality of filtration efficiency is an important indicator to measure the quality of the filter material. Therefore, in the selection of meltblown filter cloth, the evaluation of the quality of filtration efficiency is used in people's lives to choose meltblown filtration. It is an important indicator of the cloth, so how to measure the filter efficiency of the meltblown filter cloth? How can we calculate a scientific numerical indicator? This is a professional method.

The two main factors that affect the quality of meltblown filter cloth are pressure loss and filter efficiency. The better the cloth. At present, the internationally recognized authoritative institutions are NELSON (Nelson Laboratory) and NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) in the United States; NELSON detects and issues a BFE filtration efficiency report, which is aimed at filter materials for medical masks; NELSON mainly For testing mask materials, etc., regular N95 masks have NIOSH certification numbers on them. This certification is mainly for mask manufacturers. The testing process will involve company management, environment, equipment, various certifications, supply chain and other aspects.

NELSON standard meltblown cloth

NELSON standard series of meltblown raw materials are made of 100% PP polypropylene, and there are four grades of BFE95, BFE99, PFE99 and VFE95. The so-called BFE means that the filtration effect of 3 micron solid particles reaches 95% (BFE95) and 99% (BFE99) when detected at a flow rate of 32 liters. PFE99 means that the filtration effect of 0.1 micron solid particles reaches 99% (PFE99) at a flow rate of 32 liters. VFE95 means that the filtration effect of 3 micron solid particles reaches 95% (VFE95) at a flow rate of 32 liters. The width of the whole roll produced by the machine is 320cm, and the width can be cut free of charge. The gram weight is 18-30g/m2. Production process melt spinning. Applicable: Disposable non-woven masks, foldable insert masks.

N95/N99 standard meltblown cloth

N95/N99 is the American standard, the raw material is 100% PP polypropylene, the so-called N95 refers to the detection under the flow rate of 85 liters, within 100 resistance , The filtration effect of 0.3 micron solid particles reaches 95% (N95) and 99% (N99). The machine produces a whole roll with a width of 160cm, which can be cut free of charge according to actual needs. The regular gram weight of N95 is double layer 50 (g/m2), and the regular weight of N99 is double layer 80 (g/m2). Production process melt spinning. Applicable: American standard cup-shaped, foldable masks.

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