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How to choose non-woven fabrics for masks?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-28

Non-woven fabrics are the main raw materials for the production of masks. Common masks include the following: general cotton masks, disposable masks (such as medical surgical masks, general medical masks), and medical protective masks (N95/KN95 masks). So how to choose a non-woven mask for masks, let's learn about it with Xinyu Non-woven.

Among them, medical protective masks (N95/KN95 masks) and medical surgical masks are medical products that have obtained national standard management after SARS in 2003, and have the function of blocking the passage of liquid and droplet particles. If worn correctly, it can effectively prevent diseases transmitted by droplets, and it is the first choice for us to buy masks. They are usually made of multi-layer non-woven composites.

The mask is a multi-layer composite structure. The N95/KN95 mask is composed of the inner and outer non-woven layers, the central electrostatic layer and the melt-blown non-woven layer. The medical surgical mask is a non-woven layer. and meltblown non-woven layers. In addition to supporting the mask, the non-woven layer also acts as a part of the sieve, and particles with large particle sizes will be blocked by them. Meltblown non-woven fabrics have a microfiber structure, which has good filterability and can intercept medium-sized particles. The electrostatic layer plays the role of electrostatic adsorption, especially small particles are very light and will be adsorbed.

So what kind of mask is a good mask after non-woven fabric?

The larger the particle, the better the filtration effect, the smaller the particle, the better the adsorption effect, while the medium size According to a large number of experiments, the particle size range is between 0.2 and 0.8 microns. Therefore, in GB2626-2006 'Respiratory Protective Equipment - Self-Priming Filtering Anti-Particulate Matter Respirator.6 microns.

It should be noted that although medical protective masks with high protection level have good protective effect, due to the high level of filter material, good adhesion, and high breathing resistance, long-term wearing will increase the burden of breathing, resulting in Difficulty breathing, etc.

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