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How to choose non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-01

With the rise of a new type of non-woven material in the market, its excellent performance has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. There are many non-woven manufacturers on the market, and the product quality can also be said to be incomplete. So in the face of this situation, should we choose non-woven fabrics? The following Xinyu Non-woven will give you an introduction:

1. Be sure of the use of non-woven fabrics purchased by me. There are many varieties of PP spunbond non-woven fabrics. Generally speaking, they can be divided into environmental protection packaging bags, non-woven packaging and storage non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics for furniture and home textiles, non-woven fabrics for craft gifts, non-woven fabrics for agriculture, forestry and gardening, non-woven fabrics for shoe materials and shoe covers. Textiles, medical non-woven fabrics, hotel non-woven fabrics, etc. Therefore, before purchasing non-woven fabrics, you must first determine what you are doing.

2. Confirm the color, weight and width of the non-woven fabric. All colors in the non-woven ordinary color card can be made, but each manufacturer consumes its own color card. If the quantity to be ordered is large, it is necessary to communicate with the non-woven manufacturer about the color, gram weight and door width, etc. .

3. The gram weight generally refers to the weight of one square meter, that is, the thickness of the non-woven fabric used, and the door width refers to the width of the non-woven fabric. Choose different door widths according to your machine.

4, affirm the quality of non-woven fabrics. Many non-woven manufacturers come up to discuss the price, which can be said to be meaningless. Therefore, it is still necessary to confirm the quality of the good cloth, and then discuss the price.

5. When purchasing non-woven fabrics, you should choose a manufacturer. The prices of stores and distributors are high, and the price of non-woven fabric manufacturers is slightly lower. It is worth noting that at the time of the manufacturer, you also need to choose a strong and honest manufacturer, and you must place an order after confirming your own dosage, color, gram weight and door width.

The above are some of the things that we need to pay attention to when choosing non-woven fabrics. It is a comparative method and approach to confirm our needs first and then purchase materials.

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