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How to calculate the square gram weight of non-woven fabrics?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-24

How to calculate the square gram weight of non-woven fabrics? Agricultural greenhouses, clothing textiles, packaging, and medical and health industries all need to purchase non-woven fabrics in large quantities. When making non-woven products, you must know how to calculate the square gram weight of non-woven fabrics.

The unit of gram weight of non-woven fabric is: g/m2, that is, the weight inspection method per square meter is: take a sample, sample uniformly in the transverse direction of the fabric, and sample with a special mold knife, the area of u200bu200beach sample is For 100 square centimeters, at least 10 should be taken, the more the more accurate, and then convert it. Be sure to sample in the transverse direction, such as in the longitudinal direction, the results will be inaccurate, because the non-woven fabric is bound to have a problem of uniformity. Extensive, can not really reflect the actual unit gram weight of non-woven fabrics.

Usually, the most commonly used non-woven fabrics are basically 75g, thicker ones are 90g, and thicker ones are 120g, but for ordinary customers, 80g, 100g, 120g are often mentioned. In fact, it corresponds to 75g, 90g, and 120g in the industry, which is actually an unwritten agreement.

So how to calculate the gram weight of non-woven fabrics? The key here is the unit, 75 refers to 75g/square meter, which means the weight of one square meter of non-woven fabrics is 75g, so how to measure the gram weight of non-woven fabrics It is to measure the weight of 1 square meter of non-woven fabric. There are many ways to measure it. You can measure the weight by cutting 1 meter X 1 meter piece of cloth, or cut 10 cm X 10 cm 10 pieces to measure the total weight, and then divide the total weight (g) by 0.1 (square meter) to get the gram of the non-woven fabric Heavy. Of course, the more pieces of cloth you cut out, the more accurate the cut and the more accurate the count.

In order to accurately calculate the square gram weight of non-woven products, it is necessary to consider the material, type, thickness and different processing techniques of non-woven fabrics. According to the thickness and processing technology, the square gram weight of non-woven fabrics is A relatively common calculation method at present, this calculation method has little error and can basically calculate the square gram weight of non-woven fabrics accurately!

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