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How are non-woven fabrics dyed?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-29

Non-woven fabrics have been widely used in various industries. Colorful non-woven fabrics are made into daily necessities, medical supplies, industrial products, etc. So how are non-woven fabrics dyed?

The dyeing method of non-woven fabrics is different from traditional textiles. In fact, the color quality is the main quality measure of color products. The successful application of computer color matching system has realized the real quantification of color evaluation. Quantitative methods can be used to quantitatively evaluate the stability of raw and auxiliary materials, provide guarantee for product quality, optimize suppliers, and control purchase channels, but we need to emphasize that computer color matching is only an auxiliary means to achieve quality stability and standardized management of final products. , the final result still needs to be judged by the human eye, sure. We can more accurately reflect the difference in color by measuring L, C, H, △L, △C, △H, △E or L, a, and other optical indicators.

On the basis of the original formula, the addition amount of some colorants is always increased or decreased by modifying the overlap of the color reflection curve and the standard color reflection curve on the display screen, so that the two reflection curves are as close as possible To overlap, get the reference formula for adjusting the color difference. The formula modification program of the computer color matching instrument is also designed according to the above principles. Considering the color difference caused by various factors, the color matching instrument can modify the color material that has been prepared by the computer formula or experience. The colorants are compared and calculated with the corresponding colorants in the pigment database.

When it is necessary to measure a certain sample, after the sample is scanned by the computer, the computer can automatically make different combinations of all the colorants in the database, and then calculate the color tristimulus values u200bu200bof each group of formulas, and compare them with the sample. Combining the tristimulus values u200bu200bone by one will inevitably increase the calculation time, so the general color matching is designed with 3 to 5 colorants to form a formula combination. the application time of the computer. Computer color matching personnel need certain skills and experience to make the instrument quickly give the formula, which will have different color difference values u200bu200band different costs for operators to choose. After the construction of the color database, the measurement database is stored in the computer for a long time, and can provide services for 'computer color matching' at any time.

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