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Design elements of non-woven tote bags

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-11

The non-woven tote bag has a novel design, full of creativity, and can always give people a bright feeling. From the point of view of merchants, as long as the design and printing effect is good, they are willing to invest more in this aspect, because non-woven handbags are the best advertising carrier. For consumers, carrying such an environmentally friendly handbag feels like The packaged products will also be higher-grade; consumers will display them unconsciously in many cases, thus helping the merchants to promote the effect. The following non-woven manufacturer XinYu Non-woven will tell you the design elements that non-woven bags need to include:

First of all, the tote bag generally gives people a visual enjoyment

A successful handbag design needs to be visually beautiful, which is a test of the designer's aesthetic and visual psychology knowledge. The necessary images, trademarks and texts on the handbag may be proposed by the merchants according to their own brand concepts, but not any arrangement and combination can give them the beauty they deserve. Design services and printing services companies to do the best alignment, and to fully reflect this alignment.

Secondly, the tote bag printing should have a theme that effectively supports the brand

The design of the non-woven handbag needs to reflect the characteristics of the product, clearly and accurately convey the brand information, and it should be passed on for the brand. Tote bags pursue the rationality of their functions, and at the same time convey the information of commodities, or show a corporate image, or show a personalized cultural atmosphere. At this time, the importance of creativity is self-evident. Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. introduced that when designing handbag printing, designers need to determine the form and content in order to give a refreshing feeling.

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