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Characteristics and precautions of rice non-woven dry seedling raising

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-14

Rice seedlings are usually covered with agricultural film (plastic film) for thermal insulation, which has good thermal insulation performance, but the temperature of the seedbed rises rapidly, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, which requires frequent ventilation and hardening, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the temperature is difficult to control. The phenomenon of short or leggy growth occurs, and even the phenomenon of high temperature roasting of seedlings occurs, the quality of seedlings is poor, and the seedling stage diseases such as wilt and bacterial wilt occur seriously. Therefore, many areas have begun to explore the use of non-woven seedlings, which can effectively provide better light, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions for the growth of rice seedlings, so as to achieve the purpose of homogeneous and strong seedlings. Let's talk about the characteristics and precautions of rice non-woven dry seedlings for reference.

Characteristics of using non-woven seedlings for rice use

1. Both heat preservation and ventilation, the temperature of the seedling body changes gently, and the seedlings are strong, which is manifested in many roots, thick stems, and the plant does not breathe high. .

2. It saves labor and time, and the non-woven seedlings are laid flat to reduce the operation links such as watering and ventilation. Due to the permeability of the non-woven fabric itself, the temperature buffer is stable and the temperature in the bed is uniform.

3. The reduction of pests and diseases, especially the pests, can reduce the pollution of pesticides to the environment.

4. The use cost is low, the recycling is convenient, and the non-woven fabric can be used 2-3 times continuously, reducing the pollution of the agricultural film to the environment.

5. Non-woven seedlings have a high seedling rate, a short period of slow seedling after transplanting into the field, and a high tiller rate and ear formation rate, which are beneficial to high yield.

Technical points of non-woven rice seedlings in dry land

1. Selection of special non-woven fabrics for rice

When choosing non-woven fabrics for rice seedlings, we must pay attention The special non-woven fabric for rice is selected, the width is ≥2.1 meters, and the filament non-woven fabric is treated with anti-aging. The dosage is generally calculated according to the length, which should be 1 meter longer than the seedbed. General industrial non-woven fabrics must not be equated with special non-woven fabrics for rice seedlings. Industrial non-woven fabrics are thin and have poor tensile strength. When exposed to farmland, they often break and other phenomena, which in turn lead to disease and death of seedlings. occur.

2. Covering non-woven fabrics

The use of rice non-woven fabrics for dry seedlings is combined with rice dry seedlings in terms of seed treatment, site selection, seedbed disinfection and acid regulation, seeding amount and sowing method There is no difference, the main reason is that the agricultural film covering is changed to non-woven covering after sowing, and the way of covering the film is different in each area.

If planting in Tianjin area in early April, due to the low temperature, it needs to be covered with double film, first cover a layer of plastic film and then a layer of non-woven fabric. The specific method is to spread the plastic film on the seedling tray. , The soil is compacted at the front and rear ends, and the left and right are not pressed. The non-woven fabric is laid on the top, and the surrounding is compacted with soil; when the temperature is high, the non-woven fabric is used to cover or cover the arch.

In some areas of Liaoning, a layer of ultra-thin plastic film that is the same width as the bed and slightly longer than the bed will be placed on the bed to increase temperature and moisture, promote early and fast emergence, and improve the emergence rate. . In some areas of Jiangsu, when the temperature is low, the non-woven fabric will be covered with plastic film for heat preservation. No matter what kind of plastic film or plastic film is used for insulation, the film should be removed immediately after the seedlings emerge.

Precautions for using non-woven dry seedlings

1. Due to the low temperature of non-woven seedlings in spring, mulch should be placed on the non-woven fabric or first cover the mulch and add another The layer of non-woven fabric is used for heat preservation, and the membrane can be withdrawn when the seedlings are standing with green heads to 1 leaf and 1 heart after the valley has fallen.

2. The non-woven fabric has good permeability. Pay attention to water replenishment. Generally, water once in 7-10 days after the valley falls, and then keep half-ditch water in the future, and the board surface should not accumulate water. The coverage should not be too tight, otherwise the growth of the seedlings will be affected if the seedlings grow larger for more days.

3. On the one hand, non-woven covering can reduce the occurrence of diseases in the seedling stage, and on the other hand, hinder the harm of pests, but it cannot prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. Pay attention to more observations in the field, and timely prevent and treat diseases and insects .

4. Before transplanting, the cloth should be uncovered in time, or the seedlings should be uncovered in time at about 3 leaves, 1 center to 4 leaves, and topdressing should be carried out once according to the leaf color of the seedlings after uncovering.

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