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Causes of static electricity during the production of PP non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-15

The problem of static electricity during the production of PP non-woven fabrics is mainly caused by the low moisture content in the air when the fibers are in contact with the card clothing. It can be divided into the following points:

( 1) The weather is too dry and the humidity is not enough.

(2) When there is no oil on the fiber, there is no antistatic agent on the fiber. Because the moisture regain of polyester wool is 0.3%, the lack of antistatic agent results in static electricity during production.

(3) The oil content of the fiber is low, and the relative low content of static agent will also generate static electricity.

(4) Because of the special molecular structure of the oil, SILICONE polyester cotton contains almost no water on the oil, so it is relatively easy to generate static electricity during production. The smoother the SILICONE cotton, the greater the static electricity.

(5) Methods to prevent static electricity In addition to humidifying the production workshop, it is also an important task to effectively remove oil-free cotton in the cotton feeding stage.

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