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Application of medical non-woven fabrics in packaging and sterilization of medical devices

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-07

The quality of medical device sterilization is directly related to the increasing quality of medical care and medical safety. With the continuous development of sterilization technology, the packaging materials for sterilization preservation are becoming more and more abundant. In the past, medical devices were mostly packaged and sterilized with double-layer plain cotton cloth or unsealed rigid containers. This kind of packaging has a short shelf life of sterilized items, shortens the service life of instruments and lacks in increasing or decreasing the cost of sterilization. At present, the unique barrier formed by the special porous arrangement of medical non-woven fabrics can bend the steam and other media to penetrate into the bag, effectively isolate bacteria and other microorganisms, etc., and remove the clinically necessary but low-frequency instruments and parts. Surgical instruments are sterilized using non-woven packaging. The monitoring and sterilization goals meet the requirements, and the report is as follows:

1.1 Materials

Select medical non-woven fabrics approved by the national health administrative department for high-pressure steam sterilization. The size of the instrument is made into different standards for use.

1.2 Method

Using a full-effect multi-enzyme cleaning agent in cooperation with an automatic washer-disinfector and an ultrasonic cleaner to classify, clean and disinfect various contaminated items, complete the cleaning, and inspect the instruments Then, according to the size of the items, select medical non-woven fabrics with moderate standards, double-layer secondary packaging, various instruments and items, place pressure steam sterilization indication labels in each package, and select autoclave sterilization. . After the sterilization instruction has passed the physical, chemical and biological monitoring, it will be stored in the sterile goods storage area. After repeated tests, various instrument packs with non-woven fabrics as packaging materials are used. After the dressing packs are sterilized by high pressure steam, 3 Monthly sterile growth.

2.1 Physical monitoring of sterilization goals

After checking whether the various goals on the record sheet printed in the autoclave window conform to the set parameters. The high pressure steam sterilization temperature is 132℃~134℃. Pressure 0.2kpa. The sterilization time is 10 minutes, and the drying time is 10 minutes.

2.2 Sterilization target of chemical monitoring

The color change of the fifth type of chemical indicator card (creeping type) in each sterilization package and the chemical indicator label outside the package is determined. After sterilization, the black color on the creeping card inside the sterilization package enters the AC-CEPT (success) window on the card, and the diagonal stripes on the chemical indicator label outside the package change from beige before sterilization to dark brown.

2.3 Biomonitoring sterilization targets

The main purpose is to detect whether the spores of Bacillus stearothermophilus survive or not through the inactivation of enzyme activity, so as to judge the results of pressure steam sterilization. Put the test pack containing the biological indicator in a position that is difficult to sterilize in the autoclave. After the sterilization cycle, take out the biological indicator for incubation (quick), and the incubation result is negative, once a week. The sterilized items are taken out and the cultivation results are all aseptic growth.

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