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Application and quality control of non-woven fabrics in the medical field

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-08

NonWoven (English name: NonWoven), also known as non-woven fabric, is composed of directional or random fibers. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. It is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, free from Poisonous and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, recyclable and so on. For example, polypropylene (pp material) pellets are used as raw materials, and are produced by a continuous one-step method of high temperature melting, spinning, laying, and hot pressing and coiling. It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties.

Main uses

(1) Medical and sanitary cloths: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, etc.;

(2) Home decoration fabrics: wall coverings, tablecloths, bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.; Base cloth, etc.;

(4) Industrial cloth: filter material, insulating material, cement packaging bag, geotextile, wrapping cloth, etc.;

(5) Agricultural cloth: Crop protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc.;

(6) Others: space cotton, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, linoleum felt, cigarette filters, tea bags, etc.

Medical non-woven fabrics

Medical non-woven fabric products are made of chemical fibers including polyester, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, carbon fiber and glass fiber. Made of medical and health textiles.

Including disposable masks, protective clothing, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, lab coats, nurse caps, surgical caps, doctor caps, surgical kits, maternity kits, first aid kits, diapers, pillowcases, tablecloths, sheets, quilt covers , shoe covers and other disposable medical consumables series.

Compared with traditional pure cotton woven medical textiles, medical non-woven fabrics have the characteristics of high resistance to bacteria and dust, low surgical infection rate, convenient disinfection and sterilization, and easy compounding with other materials.

As disposable disposable products, medical non-woven products are not only convenient to use, safe and hygienic, but also effectively prevent bacterial infection and iatrogenic cross-infection. In China, the investment in the medical and health industry has reached more than 100 billion yuan, of which the total output value of sanitary products and materials is about 64 billion yuan, and it is developing in the direction of diversification.

Quality control of medical non-woven fabrics

1. Medical non-woven fabrics are different from ordinary non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabrics.

Ordinary non-woven fabrics do not have antibacterial properties; composite non-woven fabrics have good waterproof effect and poor air permeability, and are generally used in surgical gowns and surgical sheets; medical non-woven fabrics are made of spunbond, meltblown, Spunbond (SMS) process lamination, with the characteristics of antibacterial, hydrophobic, breathable, no lint, used for the final packaging of sterilized items, one-time use, no need to clean.

2. Quality standard requirements for medical non-woven fabrics: Medical non-woven fabrics used for final packaging materials of sterilized medical devices should meet the requirements of GB/T19633 and YY/T0698.2 at the same time.

3. The validity period of non-woven fabrics is: the validity period of medical non-woven fabrics is generally 2 to 3 years, and the validity period of products of different manufacturers is slightly different, please refer to the instructions for use. Sterile articles packaged with medical non-woven fabrics should have a validity period of 180 days and will not be affected by sterilization methods.

4. The non-woven fabric used for packaging sterilized items should be 50g/m2 plus or minus 5 grams.

5. When packaging surgical instruments with medical non-woven fabrics, the closed packaging method should be used, and two layers of non-woven fabrics should be packaged in two times. Repeated folding can form a long curved path to prevent microorganisms from being 'easy' 'Into the sterilization package, it cannot be packaged once with 2 layers of non-woven fabrics.

6. After the medical non-woven fabric is sterilized at high temperature, its internal results will change, which will affect the penetration and antibacterial properties of the sterilization medium. Therefore, the medical non-woven fabric should not be repeatedly sterilized for use.

7. Due to the hydrophobic properties of non-woven fabrics, excessive and heavy metal instruments are sterilized at high temperature, and condensed water is formed during the cooling process, which is prone to wet packs. Therefore, pad water-absorbing material in the large instrument bag, appropriately reduce the loading capacity of the sterilizer, leave a gap between the sterilization bags, and appropriately prolong the drying time, so as to avoid the generation of wet bags as much as possible.

8. 'Tyvek' non-woven fabrics should be selected for low-temperature plasma of hydrogen peroxide, and medical non-woven fabrics containing plant fibers cannot be used, because plant fibers will absorb hydrogen peroxide.

9. Although medical non-woven fabrics are not medical devices, they are related to the sterilization quality of medical devices. The quality of medical non-woven fabrics as packaging materials and the packaging methods are crucial to ensuring sterility. important.

10. Refer to the inspection report and product batch inspection report provided by the manufacturer that meet the requirements, and check the physical and chemical properties of the medical non-woven fabric to ensure the quality of the products used.


For the management of medical non-woven fabrics, the manufacturer is responsible for the production quality of medical non-woven fabrics, and the hospital equipment department and infection office are responsible for product qualification review and quality acceptance, supply The personnel in the laboratory are responsible for the packaging quality of the sterilized items. Only by taking a four-pronged approach can the sterilization quality of medical devices be guaranteed.

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