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Any discount for large order Water Blocking Tape ?
By purchasing Water Blocking Tape in multiple case quantities, you may get an even better price than displayed on our website. If the prices for bulk quantity or wholesale purchases are not listed on the site, please contact our Customer Service for an easy and simple discount request. Expect for bulk order discount, we provide holiday sales, first purchase discount and so on to giving fair pricing. You get the best customer service and product possible with our price.
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Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. have years of industrial and trading experience in the industry of other fabrics. The Water Blocking Tape is one of the main products of Wenzhou Xinyu. The raw materials of Wenzhou Xinyu cable wrapping tape meet the high standards of China and foreign sauna markets. These standards include health&safety standards and environmental protection standards. This product can be applied to the medical field, can make disposable medical supplies, such as surgical hats and masks. There is strict institution in Wenzhou Xinyu for fusible interlining to ensure high quality.
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