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what is gsm in non woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-11-27

GSM in Non-Woven Fabric: Understanding the Basics and Applications

Introduction to GSM Measurement in Non-Woven Fabric

Non-woven fabrics have become an integral part of our daily lives, from hygiene products to geotextiles. When it comes to the manufacturing and quality control of non-woven fabrics, GSM (Grams per Square Meter) plays a crucial role. GSM measurement helps in determining the weight per unit area of the fabric, providing insights into its strength, durability, and various applications.

Why GSM Measurement Matters in Non-Woven Fabric

GSM measurement is essential in the non-woven fabric industry as it directly affects the fabric's final properties and performance. By knowing the GSM, manufacturers can control the desired thickness, absorbency, and strength of the fabric. Understanding the effect of GSM on the fabric also assists in selecting the appropriate material for specific applications.

How GSM is Calculated in Non-Woven Fabric

GSM calculation involves weighing a known size of fabric and measuring its area. The formula used is simple:

GSM = (Weight of Fabric in Grams / Area of Fabric in Square Meters)

The weight of the fabric is measured accurately on a scale, and the area is determined by multiplying the length and width of the fabric sample. The resulting GSM value represents the weight of the fabric per unit area in grams per square meter.

The Significance of GSM in Non-Woven Fabric Applications

GSM is a critical parameter that determines the fabric's intended use. Different non-woven applications require specific GSM values to meet the desired functionality and performance. Here are a few examples:

4.1 Hygiene Products

For products like diapers, feminine hygiene pads, and wipes, a higher GSM is preferred for improved absorbency. This ensures that the product can retain liquids while maintaining its integrity.

4.2 Medical Textiles

In medical applications, non-woven fabrics with lower GSM values are often preferred due to their breathability, allowing for proper air circulation and reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

4.3 Filtration Media

Non-woven fabrics used as filtration media require a specific GSM to ensure effective particulate removal. Depending on the target application, higher or lower GSM values may be required to achieve the desired filtration efficiency.

4.4 Geotextiles

Geotextiles, used in civil engineering for erosion control and soil stabilization, require high GSM values to provide adequate strength and durability. The fabric should be able to withstand environmental stressors, such as UV exposure, moisture, and mechanical loads.

4.5 Apparel and Home Textiles

Non-woven fabrics with varying GSM values find applications in apparel and household textiles. Higher GSM fabrics are used for sturdy bags, while lower GSM options are employed for disposable clothing items or cleaning wipes.

Quality Control and GSM Monitoring

To ensure consistency and adherence to specifications, quality control procedures play a crucial role in the non-woven fabric industry. Regular GSM monitoring is essential, especially when producing fabric in large quantities. Manufacturers utilize automated systems combined with visual inspection to maintain desired GSM levels, identify any deviations, and take corrective actions promptly.

In conclusion, GSM measurement is a fundamental parameter in the non-woven fabric industry, providing insights into the fabric's weight, thickness, and overall performance. By understanding GSM and its significance, manufacturers can produce fabrics tailored to specific applications, ensuring the desired functionality and durability. Quality control procedures, including regular GSM monitoring, are essential to ensure consistent production and adherence to specifications. With advancements in technology and a deeper understanding of non-woven fabric properties, the possibilities for innovation and application continue to expand.

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