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4 test indicators of mask non-woven fabric

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-03-05

Mask non-woven fabrics are an important raw material for making masks. Because masks are medical and sanitary materials, the quality must meet relevant standards. Today, Xinyu Non-woven takes us to understand the four aspects of mask non-woven fabric testing. a target.

I. Filtration power

Filtering power is the key target for quality identification of masks. This is also one of the important quality specifications of non-woven fabrics. Therefore, referring to relevant specifications, it is recommended that the bacterial filtration power of non-woven masks for masks should not be less than 95%, and the particle filtration power should not be less than 30% for non-oily particles.

Second, breathing resistance

Respiratory resistance refers to the size of the influence of people wearing masks that hinder their breathing. Therefore, the breathing resistance of the non-woven mask of the mask determines the breathing comfort when wearing the mask. The recommended target for the non-woven mask of the mask is that the inhalation resistance should be ≤350Pa, and the expiratory resistance should be ≤250Pa.

Three. Hygiene goals

Hygiene goals are naturally another important key goal of mask non-woven fabrics. The recommended testing items here are mainly initial contaminating bacteria, total bacterial colonies, coliforms, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria, total fungal colonies, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, ethylene oxide residues, etc.

IV. Toxicology test

Skin impact test mainly considers the protective test test for people allergic to some materials. The skin impact test of non-woven mask fabrics mainly uses the cross-sectional method, selects a sample of an appropriate area, soaks it with normal saline and sticks it on the skin, and then covers it with a patch for testing.

The above are the four targets for the detection of mask non-woven fabrics. Among the above four detection targets, the filtering power of mask non-woven fabrics is very important. Xinyu Non-woven reminds the majority of manufacturers, customers and citizens that when choosing non-woven fabrics, be sure to choose mask non-woven fabrics or raw materials with good quality and strong filtering function.

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