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Why is non-woven wallpaper an environmentally friendly material?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-05

Non-woven wallpaper is made of natural plant fiber non-woven technology, which has stronger tensile force, more environmental protection, no mildew and yellowing, and good air permeability, which has become the favor of consumers. The major features, the following Wenzhou Xinyu Non-woven Fabric Co., LTD. will introduce to you:

1. Whether the wallpaper is environmentally friendly is mainly based on VOC emissions. The environmental protection of building decoration materials is divided into three aspects: first, whether the material itself uses too many natural resources; second, whether the material can be naturally decomposed (commonly known as: rotten) after it is discarded; third, the material is used in the process. Whether there are excessive and continuous emissions of VOCs, and whether there are toxic substances emitted during the degradation process.

2. In order to enhance the pertinence, now, what needs to be emphasized is to compare non-woven and PVC. PVC is a chemical product, a synthetic resin, a high molecular polymer, and a derivative product of petrochemical industry. PVC has strong plasticity and is widely used. The clothes that everyone wears, the special tableware for microwave ovens at home, etc. are all or at least contain PVC materials. This material is difficult to degrade in nature, and it even takes hundreds of thousands of years to break the polymer chain and complete the degradation process. So it is not an environmentally friendly material.

3. Non-woven paper (commonly known as: non-woven fabric) is a kind of weaving without directionality, that is, non-warp and weft weaving, the structure is relatively loose, and can be easily decomposed in nature, so compared with PVC , is a more environmentally friendly material. The comparison of the environmental protection of these two materials is based on the degree of pollution to the environment after they are discarded or the amount of energy (or natural resources) used to decompose these materials.

4. In addition, if you want to talk about the purity of the material itself. PVC, which is a high molecular polymer, is relatively simple; on the contrary, the material of non-woven fabrics is relatively messy. Non-woven is a weaving method, not the material itself. It can be non-woven assorted materials. Regarding VOC emissions. VOCu003dvolatile organic compoundsu003dvolatile organic compoundsu003dformaldehyde, ether, ethanol, etc. Since we are most concerned about formaldehyde, it is simply called formaldehyde emission.

5. For PVC materials, because the structure is relatively dense, short-based compounds such as formaldehyde cannot penetrate, so formaldehyde and other compounds are attached to the surface of the PVC material and are easily volatile, and basically evaporate in a few days. This volatilization process is called VOC emission.

6. For non-woven materials, because the structure is relatively loose, organic solvents can penetrate into the material, and the volatilization process of compounds such as formaldehyde is relatively slow. For many manufacturers, especially big brands, this kind of solvent-based ink is used very little. In fact, in the process of home decoration, what is most afraid of is not wallpaper, but composite panels (non-solid wood). Because the VOC emission of composite panels is relatively slow, it takes months or even years.

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