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The performance and function of home textile non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-08
Home textile non-woven fabrics, as the name suggests, are mainly used for decoration. Therefore, it is the most basic requirement for this kind of non-woven fabric to fully realize the purpose of decoration. The decoration of home textile non-woven fabrics is mainly reflected by the color, pattern, style, style and texture of the fabric. At the same time, great attention should be paid to the coordination with the surrounding environment and the coordination with the decorative objects.

Home textile non-woven fabrics are not the same as works of art, they are practical textiles. While good decorative textiles or good decorative design arrangements can be artistically pleasing, they must meet practical requirements. These include being easy to use (including ease of construction), as durable as possible, and in line with consumer comfort requirements.

Safety is not only for home decorative textiles, but also for decorative textiles used in hotels, hotels, vehicles, ships, airplanes and other occasions where people gather to be flame retardant, and some should also be anti-static and prevent harmful chemical substances from harming the human body, etc. Make sure it's safe and secure.
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