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The effect of man-made fibers on non-woven textiles

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-06-04

All factors that affect the growth of man-made fibers can more or less affect the textiles made of man-made fibers, among which non-woven textiles have the greatest impact. Population growth factors have less impact on non-woven fabrics than other textiles used for apparel. But if one considers the important application of nonwovens in baby diapers, population growth is also an important factor. The replacement of natural fibers has a greater impact on textiles, but has little impact on non-woven fabrics, because the production of non-woven fabrics basically depends on man-made fibers.

Commercial development of man-made fibers and professional application of non-woven fabrics: Due to the establishment of international economic treaties, the trade of microfibers, composite fibers, biodegradable fibers and new polyester fibers has grown. This has a great impact on non-woven fabrics, but has little impact on apparel and knitted textiles. Substitution of textiles and other products: This includes substitution by non-woven textiles, knitted textiles, plastic films, polyurea foam, wood pulp, leather, etc.

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