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Reasons that affect the breathability and barrier properties of SMS non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-01

Product uniformity is the basic performance index of SMS composite non-woven fabrics. Typically, the more spinning systems there are, the better the product uniformity will be. Other performance indicators of SMS products are related to the use of the product and are similar to the requirements of meltblown products. Mainly air permeability, barrier properties (hydrostatic pressure) and so on.

Breathability or barrier properties is a basic function that medical and health products must have. The air permeability or barrier properties of SMS products mainly depend on the air permeability or hydrostatic pressure of the M-layer products, so the main factors affecting the air permeability or barrier properties are the fineness, uniformity of the M-layer products and the weight of the M-layer fiber webs.

The S layer mainly protects and strengthens the M layer, so that the M layer can be prevented from being worn under the action of external force, and the structure will be deformed or damaged. Of course, the better the uniformity of the S layer and the smaller the fineness, the more obvious its supporting and protective effect on the M layer will be, and it will have a better effect on improving the hydrostatic pressure of the SMS product.

In the SMS composite product, the larger the specific gravity of the M layer, the larger the quantification or the more layers, the better the hydrostatic pressure or blocking performance. The finer the fineness, the better the uniformity or the larger the quantitative S layer, the better its hydrostatic pressure or barrier properties.

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