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Raw materials of fiber nonwovens

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-18

The processing technology of thermally bonding waste fibers and regenerated fibers into non-woven fabrics has come out, and its products are widely used in different industries. This process itself has the advantages of environmental protection. It can make full use of raw materials that may be wasted, which can be called a 'green process'.

The raw material can be recycled fiber or even waste fiber. Recycled fibers originate from agricultural nonwovens, automotive interior textiles, home textiles - such as curtains, carpets and mattresses, shredded old clothes, and more.

Fiber waste originates from almost all textile production processes, from fiber processing to fabrics, from cutting and sewing in home-made garment factories to man-made fiber production, unpacking, blending, carding, spinning. Almost all fibrous materials can be made into nonwovens using the process mentioned in this article.

In the production of non-woven fabrics from these materials, it is extremely important to ensure the supply of raw materials of different specific qualities to ensure the quality of the final product is stable. It will be easier to build a larger collection center with sorting, cutting/shredding equipment, and the greater the quantity of raw materials available, the more stable supply of a certain quality can be guaranteed.

If the classification, cutting and crushing of raw materials are only for a non-woven production line, unless a large amount of fibers of different qualities are stored, the stable supply of the required raw materials cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, a method of arranging a collection, sorting and shredding plant to supply multiple nonwoven production lines is desirable.

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