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Non-woven manufacturers teach you to maintain non-woven fabrics

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-26

The following points should be paid attention to in the maintenance and collection of non-woven fabrics in life:

1. Keep it clean, change and wash frequently, prevent the breeding of moths, and store it in different seasons. It must be washed, ironed, dried, and then sealed in a plastic bag, and placed flat in the wardrobe

2. Pay attention to shading to prevent fading. It should be often ventilated, dusted and dehumidified, and not exposed to the sun.

An anti-mildew and moth-proof tablet should be placed in the wardrobe to prevent the cashmere products from being damp and mouldy. When wearing inside, the matching coat lining should be smooth. Avoid hard objects such as pens, key cases, mobile phones, etc. (such as sofa backs, armrests, table tops) and hooks.

The wearing time is not easy to be too long, and it should be stopped or changed for about 5 days to restore the elasticity of the clothes to avoid fiber fatigue damage. In addition, the following aspects should also be paid attention to

1. Avoid exposure to the sun, easy to decompose and dry places

2. Try to avoid friction as much as possible, the friction-resistant cloth is relatively brittle, and the tension If a good cloth is rubbed vigorously, it will fluff.

3. If there is pilling, do not pull it forcefully. You must use scissors to cut the pom-pom off, so as not to be irreparable due to off-line.

The above are the points that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of non-woven fabrics. The content of non-woven fabric manufacturers on the maintenance of non-woven fabrics is described here.

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