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Four indicators of non-woven inspection

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-13

Of course, since there is no clear standard, Byrne engineers summed up the previous experience in mask testing and non-woven testing, and proposed several important testing indicators, namely filtration efficiency, respiratory resistance, hygiene indicators, and toxicology tests. project.

I. Filtration efficiency

As we all know, filtration efficiency is a key indicator for the quality assessment of masks. This is also one of the important quality standards for non-woven fabrics, so referring to relevant standards, we recommend that the bacterial filtration efficiency of non-woven masks for masks should be no less than 95%, and the particle filtration efficiency for non-oily particles should be no less than 30%.

Second, breathing resistance

Respiratory resistance, when people wear masks, the size of the impact on breathing. Therefore, the breathing resistance of the non-woven fabric of the mask determines the breathing comfort when wearing the mask. The indicators we recommend here are that the inspiratory resistance should be ≤350Pa, and the expiratory resistance should be ≤250Pa.

Three, health indicators

Hygiene indicators are naturally another important key indicator of non-woven masks. Here we recommend testing items mainly for initial contamination bacteria, total bacterial colonies, coliforms, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria, total fungal colonies, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, ethylene oxide residues, etc.

IV. Toxicology test

Skin irritation test is mainly a protective test for people allergic to some materials. Refer to the regulations in GB15979. The skin irritation test of mask non-woven fabrics is mainly to cut a sample of a suitable area in a cross-section method, soak it with normal saline and stick it on the skin, and then cover it with a patch for testing.

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