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Environmental protection characteristics of non-woven raw materials

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-27

According to non-woven fabric manufacturers, non-woven fabrics have good air permeability. The new new Arwen products with flat structure have the advantages of air permeability, moisturizing type, water absorption, good hand feeling and elasticity of coated non-woven fabrics. Well, there is no directionality of the fabric, so it is widely used in our lives.

At present, the raw material of most non-woven fabric manufacturers is polypropylene, while the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene. Of course, the names of the two kinds of energy are similar, but the chemical structure is very different. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene has a strong tenacity and is extremely difficult to degrade, so it takes 300 years for plastic bags to decompose; while the chemical structure of polypropylene is not strong, the molecular chain of non-woven fabrics is very complicated and can be broken, so about Degrading usefully and entering the next cycle of conditions in a non-toxic shape, a nonwoven shopping bag decomposes approximately completely within 90 days. And the non-woven shopping bag can be repeated more than 10 times, and the pollution degree to the environment after the abolition is only 10% of that of the plastic bag.

1. Transplanting and false planting of garden trees. Before the false planting of large trees and small seedlings, the non-woven fabric can be laid in the tree pit before false planting, and then the nutrient soil can be laid. In this way, the false planting garden trees have a high survival rate, and can retain water and fertilizer.

2. Cover with floating surface (specification 25-30g/280cm) for greenhouse and open field nursery in winter. It can prevent wind blowing and increase the temperature. The non-woven fabric is compacted with soil on one side of the seedbed, and the other side is compacted with bricks and soil. Bamboo or thick iron wire can also be used to make a small arch, the non-woven fabric is covered on it, and the surrounding areas are compacted with bricks or soil to keep warm. Covered vegetables and flowers need more sunlight, so that they can be uncovered in the morning and covered in the evening. For floating surface covering, the temperature of 10 cm from the surface can be increased by about 2 °C, and the ground temperature can be increased by 1-2 °C. The covered vegetables can be listed 5-7 days earlier, and the yield can be increased by about 15%.

3. For ceiling use. A non-woven fabric is used as a ceiling in the greenhouse and greenhouse. The distance between the ceiling and the plastic greenhouse film is 15-20 cm; a thermal insulation layer is formed, which can increase the temperature in the greenhouse by 3-5 °C. It is opened during the day and closed at night. It is only useful if it is tightly closed.

4. Cover up outside the small arch shed (specification 80-100g/280 cm), instead of straw curtains for heat preservation, it saves 20% of the cost compared to straw curtains, and the service life is greatly prolonged; it can also be used on small arch sheds Cover with a layer of non-woven fabric, and then cover with plastic film, and the temperature can be increased by 5-8 °C.

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